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Rabu, Oktober 17, 2007

Few Things Remained That Way

Funny stuff to look back at our early age.
Of course during our post college years that were filled with rock altitude,,simple grunge attire and thrill activity. Hunting out latest new record (here cassette only)Malaysia in year 1996 was "come si come sa".not so sophisticated compare to now.
But not to Loque's man made creature at that time:-kumbang hijau.This thing was very useful,so mobile and important where we all friends will take a ride to spend time togather listening to new music everyday.
We were a bunch of over excited slackers,,walls in our room were filled with Kurt Cobain posters,,only go out at night to meet everyone in RKP (restoran kg pandan) and the only excitement is to talk about the land of Seattle-influenced grunge forever.

I still remenber being sit there drinking my 5th glass of 'Teh Ais',, wanted to order somemore,,Loque sings,,Kalai rhythmically play drums using the mamak desk and emmett comes in at any lines he would like to.I was thinking""yes,,this thing really make sense,,a catchy melody line,,kick and snare,,bassline in my head,, that thing we did really drive us to chose this path.
The reason why we formed a band and commit ourselve to this field togather seriously till now is because of the seatle scene.

Nirvana was the whole idea. I have no idea what you guys out there view about it but we've figured that,,grunge, rock,guitar play is the safe bet to start our journey with-which is to become a well-known english singing band in the country.
Other then Nirvana,,we are also Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney,Temple Of the Dog,Soundgarden(primary influence for 2nd and 3rd album Butterworth Pushful-Transcendence),Lemonheads, and Dinasour Jr big fans.
AND,, always keep up to date with other records released in store such as Radiohead,, Offspring and many more.

During these early stages of our carrier, we were like jam-studio-junkie i would say. We spent time a lot in jamming studio playing our stuff and some from Nirvana(so that we could released tense,,angst and get freedom haha yeah baby!). Most of the idea came out from loque while the rest of us contributes sound in each own department. And thats why i tell you earlier about this kumbang hijau .,,the only way we could update new music in store is by listening to them on our way to jam studio.
As time goes by,,loque composed more new songs,,very catchy but with a matture approach and we all like it so much. Not just us,,i bet anyone else as well. Songs like Wet Blanket, Nic 'O'Tyne,Me really widen our horizon to continue working hard while some crazy tracks such as 10db,fahrenheit and sober teaches us the important thing to understand the frequencies.

This is how things have remained,, grunge,,happy go lucky lifestyle and music working experienced produced a great outcome and a step forward to us. 1.2miligrams is like a child is born.


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ray rox berkata...

i was born in 1985, listening to rock songs started at 1997/98, transcendence is my 1st butter's album(dont even know about butter b4 1998), tq to the internet 4 sure 4 giving me the chance to know buttersound!, in 2004 while i was studying in kuching city, it was like a dream come true to see u guys playing in front of me!! damn!!! but unlucky emmet was not there.. nevertheless.. 1.2mg was like hell yeah!! bwp was so catchy n raw!! transcendence was sound so abstraks n antidotes, malayneum was like.. what the hell?.. buttersound?.. damn good!! selamat tinggal dunia... arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh what was all the malaysian band thinking?.. y can butter make this kind of sound?? y cant the other m'sian band think bout it b4?...

all the best butterfingers!!

Honque berkata...

mitsubishi colt dgn bola bola udang yeahhhh hehehe how things going kadak?

ijna berkata...

erm sape sangka? butter adalah raja skrg ni kan.

lycheepeng berkata...

Usah dilupakan jasa kumpulan POLVO - 'today's active lifestyle' dan 'this eclipese' & 'mykimono'
Samoga butters maju jayalah hendaknya yea!