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Khamis, Julai 31, 2008

Countdown to K E M B A L I : 1 Week to Go ! !

You might think its kinda late, thats because we are ' Butter Late Then Never!! '
Album will be up for grabs in all major cassette/cd outlet across west/east Malaysia.
We thank you all.




Rabu, Julai 30, 2008

XFresh gig 23/08/08

At Zouk KL. And not Sunway Pyramid. Harap maklum.

KAMI show in Kuantan 03/08/08 is cancelled

Ladies & gents:


Butterfingers won’t be in Kuantan this weekend.

The show’s permit was withdrawn by the municipal govt.




Selasa, Julai 29, 2008

'Hari Butterfingers'

In supporting the D-Day, we will start our promotional campaign which we name it 'Hari Butterfingers' exclusively air thru xfresh radio (paling cool suhu dibawah paras kosong darjah celcius) on 4th August beginning at 10AM untill midnyte.
Along the day, xfresh will play tracks randomly from butterfingers new studio work every hour. So you gotta tune this radio ON to listen to songs like b e b a s, m a h a r a n i, j o g e t g lo b a l, m e r d e k a, l e n g k a p s e m u l a, t e r u s t e r a n g and please ask for more.
Beside the music and in collaboration with xfresh, we will giving away free k e m b a l i showcase tickets everyday via phone call and street cruisers a week before the showcase. Dont miss this chance, make sure you call this radio deejays and find out how.(haaa just few simple questions)
Butterfingers will be there on the 4th at nyte 9pm-10pm to launch 'Hari Butterfingers' and for a simple interview.
Finally thanks to all fans and freaks out there for your support.

"Sokong Pergerakan Butter Anda"

, make sure you tune in!!


Isnin, Julai 28, 2008

Some tips on the 'Free Sticker'

when you buy k e m b a l i, you will receive a free sticker inside ,,
here are some tips on how to use them.

Front Sticker-Ideal place is to stick on the surface of front jewel case.

2.-Back page/Peel off page- Consist k em b a l i mobile content code for your handphone. Please dont throw this away, keep the environment clean and keep it in a safe place because you might wanna use them as ringtone & ringback tone on your mobile phone.
The ideal place to keep this backpage is under your cd tray by
smoothly remove the cd tray, simply place the sticker peel off page on the back tray and finally place the cd tray back as it is.
Finally, you can place the free sticker anywhere you want up to your taste :).

Rabu, Julai 23, 2008

Butterfingers confirmed shows & concerts @


KAMI - the tour
in supporting this “KAMI - The Movie”.

Date-26th July 08 (saturday)
Venue-New World Park, Penang

Date-3rd August 08 (sunday)
Wisma Belia (dataran), Kuantan, Pahang

18th October (Saturday)
Venue- Bukit Jalil Car Park, K.L


Fly FM's Campur Chart Goes Live
Date-7th August 08 (Thursday)
Venue-Laundry Bar, P.J


Date-17th August 08 (sunday)
Venue-CT Plaza J.B
Time 2pm


X Gig
Date-23rd August 08 (saturday)
Venue-Sunway Pyramid (new wing - outdoor area)


Date-24th August 08 (sunday)
Venue-Planet Hollywood, K.L


Isnin, Julai 21, 2008

Butterfingers Are Proud to Present K E M B A L I confirmed to be in store across Malaysia by 080808.

With all this hype, everyone is talking about the album, the 'tarikh keramat' 060708, the slight delay, more delay, the silent, etc...(it kinda make all of us feel nervous here). Now is the time,, we are ready and proud to present you K E M B A L I the album confirmed will be in all retail outlets across Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei by 080808 (another 'tarikh keramat' but no more 'tarikh keramat' after this for sure).
The delay is due to some technical difficulties we were facing during the process of mixing (bug spotted), few changes on the album cover, solving our digital rights issues and reorganize the way to distribute it BIG in mass market.
Other major causes are the issues on fuel price (kinda hard to compromise the consumers price between us & retailers), some local silly stuff you hate to know happened in this country where we don't want it to affect the album release direct or indirectly and our vocalist unfortunately was admitted to the hospital due to appendicitis. To be honest, we just cant handle this problem. Its like a plaque exist suddenly in the process of releasing the album and it effects everything from one to one another.
Any inconvenience mention above are deeply regretted. And we THANK you guys a lot again because are still there waiting for this physical k e m b a l i to come out with full patience.

1. Available in all major retailers such as Rock Corner, Music Valley, Victoria, Salem power?? or etc) selected outlet in all states across Malaysia including East Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
Price is RM25.90-29.90 depend on which store you go.
You should get a 10% discount standard procedure.
Free sticker inside.
Free poster while stocks last.

2. For those who wanna buy online, we are still using the semi-auto system, standard procedure by bank in to our Maybank account:-
Penerbitan Butterworld
email your details like name, address,phone number,proof of making payment

3.CD price online RM20.00 (10% discount included and free sticker inside)
Please include charge for Nationwide Courier Service RM10.00 West Malaysia
and RM15.00 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan.
Total RM30.00 West Malaysia and RM35 East Malaysia including Labuan.

4.Courier Service Charge for anything less then 1kg to:
Australia & New Zealand RM20
UK, German, Europe RM 30
United States RM 40

You can start order your copy now, pls include full payment. We will start courier and make sure you receive it by 080808.

Freebie sticker inside.

Free Poster 17 x 24 for first 1000 buyers.

K e m b a l i Album Cover/Booklet


Sabtu, Julai 19, 2008

Butterfingers won't be joining KAMI in Malacca today 19th July 2008

Instead… We will see you in Penang next Saturday 26th July 2008… Keep an ear open for the KAMI tour…

Plese take note… Cheers !

Rabu, Julai 16, 2008

Contact for Butterfingers

We’re reachable at for shows.

Just send us word of your interest in the band.

And we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.


Cheers and many thanks.



Sabtu, Julai 05, 2008

Mohon Maaf

Pertama sekali kami ingin memohon maaf kepada semua peminat butterfingers yg telah hadir diLaundry (3 July) dan indie fest (5 July)kerana tidak dapat memberikan persembahan. Ini kerana emmett telah dimasukkan ke hospital pada Khamis pkl 4.30 pm akibat appendix. Alhamdulillah beliau selamat menjalani pembedahan dan pada hari ini beliau telah pun didischarge dari wad dan selamat tiba dirumah. Bersama-samalah kita semua berharap agar emmett cepat sembuh.
Seperti yg telah diwar-warkan sebelum ini dan sebagai tanda penghormatan kepada anda yg sentiasa menyokong pergerakan butters, juga kepada mereka yg telah kecewa kerana tidak dapat melihat persembahan butterfingers, kami akan memberikan secara PERCUMA lagu M A H A R A N I (versi radio). Anda boleh lah mendapatkannya dari dengan cara memuat turun.
Detik 678 pun akan tiba dlm masa 1 jam lagi,,jadi ini adalah soft release dari kami semua.
Album yg ditunggu2 akan muncul di kedai2 kaset terpilih sedikit masa lagi. Harap bersabar, ini kerana proses distribution memakan sedikit masa untuk diagih-agihkan. Kami akan memberikan semua list kedai tersebut dlm minggu depan. Dan anda boleh mendapatkannya terus pada sekitar hujung bulan July.


Jumaat, Julai 04, 2008

"Butter" tidak dapat beraksi di KL indie Fest!!

dukacita dimaklumkan, bahawasanya Butterfingers tidak akan beraksi di KL Indie Fest besok, kerana keadaan kesihatan Emmett ygsecara serius,tak mengizinkan.
harap maafkan dan harap maklum.


Maharani Versi_Radio untuk Dimuat turun secara Percuma!!!

Sempena pelancaran album ke_6 Butterfingers, KEMBALI, Butterfingers, sebagai tanda penghargaan kepada peminat/pendgr/pencinta/pengkritik yg telah bersama kami slama lebih sedekad, dgn berbesar hati memberi lagu Maharani Versi_Radio, utk dimuat_turun secara PERCUMA
utk hanya seminggu dari tarikh 06.07.08 hingga 12.07.08. Kepada sesiapa yg berminat boleh ke laman Myspace Rasmi Butterfingers di:
harpa maklum.

ps: Emmett,sedang menjalani pembedahan di kala anda smua membaca ini, mari kita doakan smoga dia cepat sembuh dan KEMBALI ke keadaan sediakala, hendaknya. AMIN.

In conjunction with our 6th Butterfingers studio album release, as a symbol of appreciation towards our fans/listeners/critiques/music_lovers tht has been with us for more than a decade, we proudly, will b giving away for FREE, Maharani(versi_radio), which is our 2nd single, a follow_up to 1000tahun(mahu_hidup), through our official Myspace:

for just a week, starting from 06.07.08 until 12.07.08.

ps/ Emmett, is having a minor surgery, as ur reading this, let us all pray for his health and well_being,hope for the best for him and his family.AMIN.


Khamis, Julai 03, 2008

butterfingers@laundry dibatalkan d minit2 terakhir! minta maaf!!

dukacita dimaklumkan, bahawasanya Butterfingers tidak dpt beraksi untuk malam ini kerana Emmett telah dikejarkan ke hospital di atas sebab Keracunan MAkanan. walaubagaimanapun, Kadax dan Loko aka hadir untuk sessi bertemu bual bersama anda smua,(jika anda hadir la,haha), dan bersedia utk menjawab sebarang soalan berkenaan album KEMBALI, 060708!! harap maklum, segala kesulitan amat dikesali. loQue. hi guys. Sadly to announce that Butterfingers show tonight @ Laundry is cancelled due to Emmett's health. Emmett has just been admitted to Pantai Medical Centre for food poisoning (damn the kerang!!). Nevertheless, Kadax and Loko will be there to meet the fans.
rikhail win dZar

GUA muzik interview dgn Izuan Shah bab_2!
rikhail win dZar

Butterfingers diLaundry Malam Ini!


mASUK ADALAH peRCUMA.jumpa anda disana!