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Selasa, Julai 29, 2008

'Hari Butterfingers'

In supporting the D-Day, we will start our promotional campaign which we name it 'Hari Butterfingers' exclusively air thru xfresh radio (paling cool suhu dibawah paras kosong darjah celcius) on 4th August beginning at 10AM untill midnyte.
Along the day, xfresh will play tracks randomly from butterfingers new studio work every hour. So you gotta tune this radio ON to listen to songs like b e b a s, m a h a r a n i, j o g e t g lo b a l, m e r d e k a, l e n g k a p s e m u l a, t e r u s t e r a n g and please ask for more.
Beside the music and in collaboration with xfresh, we will giving away free k e m b a l i showcase tickets everyday via phone call and street cruisers a week before the showcase. Dont miss this chance, make sure you call this radio deejays and find out how.(haaa just few simple questions)
Butterfingers will be there on the 4th at nyte 9pm-10pm to launch 'Hari Butterfingers' and for a simple interview.
Finally thanks to all fans and freaks out there for your support.

"Sokong Pergerakan Butter Anda"

, make sure you tune in!!


2 ulasan:

Izzuddin berkata...

Hari Butterfingers?! akan ku istiharkan sebagai hari cuti umum buat aku!!!! yeah!!!!!

roslim berkata...

Akan ku pekikkan bunyi halwa bunyi-bunyian Butters di seluruh office. Xfresh mmg COOL!!!
Hari Butterfingers di Xfresh, Memang Cool dan Padu!!!!!