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Ahad, April 13, 2008

Butterfingers Upcoming Shows

Butterfingers confirmed to play at this event.

1.Event: Fiesta Olympic Beijing 2008 (RTM)
Date: 27th April 2008
Venue: Pengkalan TLDM Lumut
Admission: Free

*first time with RTM, this live show will be recorded and air on tv during olympic games , especially to people in Perak, students in UTP and UiTM Manjong, fans in Sitiawan, lumut and ipoh wherever u R. Dont miss this!and we'll bring 1000 tahun single cds and T-Shirt merchandise up for grabs.

2.Event:Nokia Event
Date: 10th May 2008
Time: Evening
Venue: Zouk K.L

*we'bring you the latest from the band and some of our favorite selection like Am I Phoney.

3. Event:Rochestra
Date:11th May 2008
Admission:like usual gig price

*Special performance by the band with PA orchestra accompaniment. Malay repertoire like Kabus Ribut and etc, this show is going to be very unique.

4. official launch
Date:17th May 2008
Venue:Ruums K.L

*we are supporting and we wanna make an eruption at their official web tv event that you must never miss!

5. Event: Stereo Pixel Rocks!
Date:24th May 2008
Venue:Zouk K.L

* the last time we can play in 4 piece cos after that loque is leaving to the States.we treat this as aclosing ceremony, a show that is going to be P A D U and mantap!


4 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

dudes!!! can i knw who directed your latest vid..1000 tahun. he is dat guy who graduated with flying colors from Luct..hehe doesnt matter, just wanna knw his name. he is also in the vid rite..acting as the crew. please let me know asap.

thanks seribu bintang.

yang mungkin benar

antiloQue berkata...

t's Kroll Azrie and Atom. chck him out at


Tanpa Nama berkata...

for the 10th may event, i would like to know the exact time, as i am thinking of going, tetapi terpaksa mengambil into consideration masanya. bole kah?

sanik berkata...

on 21st of june, buttter bkn ade perform kt dwn putra perda, putra jaya ke?
nk tau info..