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Khamis, Ogos 07, 2008

k e m b a l i Showcase TICKETS AVaILABLE Now!

Tickets are available now, you can buy it direct from Planet Hollywood front counter at RM35.
This is the moment we 've been waiting for since having 1st single as the introduction, released 2nd single 'Maharani' in radio (we still need you to vote for the song), k e m b a l i is out and D-Day is over. To have our own showcase, play all songs from the latest album++, with special appearance by a very special person And, the most important thing is, to spend the time together as a band with fans, celebrate k e m b a l i as performers in front of audience, forget daily 8.30-5.30 routine for awhile and just try to have some fun. I mean really good fun.
We hope you enjoy, reserve this date and seriously, we suggest get the tickets now because there are some obvious factor saying tickets may sold out. We dont want you to stuck outside with some security who gonna act like an asshole..A must see for everyone and those who've been following since 1000 tahun long time ago.


6 ulasan:

Izzuddin berkata...

tickets may sold out?!
damn!! aku kat JB! bila la plak nak turun KL g beli tiket tu?!!

Abdul Rahman berkata...

ko nak aku tolong belikan ke?

Exotica@Blogging The Aida berkata...

I'm so gonna be there! Last nite's Laundry was not enough!!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

alamak hari ahad la plak. senin keja mau merah mata nieh

weh dak.. adik aku dari kampung mau mik gambaq ngan butter nie.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

tolong ye wat showcase macam hard rock tu ye....

Exotica / Aida Kamsuri berkata...

Yay! Got the tix today!