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Selasa, Jun 03, 2008

NEW Single 'Maharani' 020608

Finally,,the wait is over,,thank you for your patience,,we are ready to release our new/second single called 'Maharani'.
There's no physical product for this,,of course the main focus is to release in major radio and try to create a pre-erupt before album release next July. And honestly we think its time to follow up 3 months old 1000 tahun.
The single has major support from xfresh, era, hitz as well as other major radio and it should be in the rotation within 2-3 weeks time.
From now on,,you can prelisten to 'Maharani' by dropping by at our myspace-
OR by clicking at this link below:-
and soon in the radio.
This song is also available in MP3 download at starting nextweek.
More info coming soon! !
Thank you for your support

6 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata... giler..luarbiasa..samseng..hehe..
..layan gak suara Loque..hehe..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

yeay!!! cayalahhhhhhhhhhhh!

aMAZy EVE berkata...

gila koool la lagu nyer saper2 yg jadi maharani dlm lagu ni...

namasayaroslim berkata...


nke berkata...

wow...lagu maharani nie best la...
cam melayang je aku dibuatnyer...

Izzuddin berkata...

memang tahap orgasme sial lagu ni!!! argh!!!!!!!!!!! best gile2 siot!!!!!