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Selasa, Mac 11, 2008

1st Single Official Video release date

time stop ticking and everything run faster. its about time.!
We would like to announce that butterfingers official videoclip (Beritabutter) release date is on 20th March.
Will be up in youtube butterfingerstheband, spread thru myspace and facebook. And this is the version that will be aired on TV station.
I think you all should watch because the objective of this video other then music is to address few messages for example Malaysian language, illegal social activity (wrems) and Bands Award.
Its a music to anyones ear and i strongly think this audio and video gel.
10 days more. Laugh loud.


2 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Butterfingers becoming emo band hahahaha.....

Rock n Radical berkata...

bunyi ala2 sape dlm 1000 memang best..butter memeng best lah owww.
memang cun ler bunyi lagu tu..lyric pun cam best jak..hhuahua